𝓐𝓫𝓸𝓾𝓽 𝓤𝓼

❤ Welcome to Dark Lotus Rattery.❤

❤ Now located in Desoto County, MS. (15 min South of Memphis,TN)❤

❤ Local Pick-ups only❤
❤Focused on Healthy, Beautiful, and Well Tempered Rats. ❤

❤Adoptions Fees are $20-25❤

Adopters must Set Up The Day/Time/Location with me before reservations are made. Must meet at time/day we set up or you unless otherwise set up or you forfeit the adoption and the rat/s are available to next adopter.

Currently we feed our rats.
Mazuri Lab Blocks (Rodent Breeder 6f), mixed with Sunflower Seeds, Cheerios, Raisins, Dried Bananas, Bran Cereal, Veggie Noodles, Oats, and other occasional goodies.

We use Kiln Dried Aspen and Pine bedding in all of our cages, with fleece and toilet paper for nesting ect..

We do support and recommend proper quarantine time when bringing any new ratties into your home. Approx. 4-8wks

❤Adoption Policies:❤

We do have an adoption form to fill out if you’re interested in adopting from us. Located HERE.
As well as an adoption contract to be signed. Dark Lotus Rattery is a completely closed. Meaning we do not allow the public into our home. We meet and a location that is well lit in public for everyones safety.

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