A good read.

This is a very good post from another breeder that is needed to be shared. I couldn’t explain it better. I will always do my best place healthy and happy pet rats. Sometimes, things get overwhelming and its hard to want to even continue breeding. Breeding isn’t easy there is a lot of time and money that goes into it.

Please Click HERE to visit the page. It really is a good read.


Now available!

Now offering 105 qt bin cages!
We now offer an amazing $100 deal!!
In this deal includes.
1 – 105 qt. Bin Cage
1 – 4.5 lbs bag of food
1 – 32 oz. Water bottle,
and 1 same sex pair of rats.

We do also offer
1 – 105 qt bin cage
1 – 4.5 lb bag of food
1 – 32 oz. Water bottle
for $60 if you already have rats and just need a new cage.

The rats can live in this permanently or even just during quarantine/introduction time until added into a cage with other rats.

If you are interested please contact us a [email protected]

Babies ready end of April

Check out the video of just SOME of the babies. Dumbos, Top eared, Red Eyed Martens… ect… SO MANY NEEDING HOMES in the end of April.

Babies ready!

We have 4 males still currently looking for homes! Adoption fee is $15 each. Photos of available babies located HERE

We also now offer large 1 gallon bags of the Mazuri food we feed our rats for $10 a bag. [email protected]


Current Litters Update

I have a lot of beautiful coloring and markings available mid Feb.

Males and Females, Agouti, Cinnamon, Dove, Black, and a couple others. All babies currently are top eared and standard coats. Lots of beautiful markings from Berkshires to Variegated, Even a few adorable Blaze markings! We are working on Dumbos soon! Adoption fees will be $15 each for the litters ready in February 2020.


Babies Available

Currently 2 Dumbo eared males available. Added to the Available Rats page. 1 Blue and 1 RE White Double Rex Dumbo.


Babies Update

I have currently 4 litters available. Around February 16th 2020.

I will have Russian Blues, Blacks, Agoutis and a couple other coloring. Hooded, Capped, Berkshire, and Variegated Markings.

Currently these litters are only Standard Coats and Top Ears.

Dumbos coming very soon, as well as Rex Coats, and Siamese markings.

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